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Following the successful launch of the Marine Lab range of test kits earlier this year, we wanted to recreate the ease and convenience of our popular Aquarium Lab and Pond Lab multi-test kits for the marine market.  

We launched two new marine Multi-Test kits at the Aqua 2019 Trade Show, the team are proud to announce that the new products were voted by the trade as the best new products in the Marine Food, Care, Accessories & Décor category. Here is what the judges had to say:

“The customer-friendly winning product had eye-catching packaging, which provided the consumer with some very important information about water testing. Any product that encourages fish keepers to test the water in the their own tanks more often is a welcome addition to the market.”

The Marine Lab Multi-Test Kit contains everything you need to carry out 155 tests (combined) for the 4 key water parameters for keeping a healthy marine aquarium: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate & pH.  All tests use liquid reagents for improved accuracy. These colourimetric tests have been formulated to be easy to use. To work alongside this test kit, we have also developed a multi-test kit specifically developed for reef aquariums.

The Marine Lab Reef Multi-Test Kit contains everything you need to carry out up to 145 tests (combined) for the 4 key water parameters to maintain a healthy and thriving reef aquarium: KH, magnesium, calcium & phosphate. The tests are a mixture of liquid drop and titration tests for improved accuracy and come with all the equipment required to carry out the tests including syringes, pipettes and titration vessels. The Reef Multi-Test is designed to be used alongside the Marine Multi-Test to provide a full testing system for your reef aquarium.
Both of these new test kits contain full instructions detailing optimum levels and suggestions for correction. As well as the colour charts, the back of the box also details easy to follow step-by-step pictorial instructions. Colour coded stickers for the syringes, test tubes and titration vessels are also included, ensuring the same test is always carried out with the same equipment to avoid contamination.

Our team are focussed on ensuring that our products are made from sustainable materials. Many competing companies package their test kits in plastic boxes, we decided that this was not an avenue we wanted pursue and have set out to engineer a bespoke packaging solution made out of paper/cardboard which can be easily recycled. There are plastic bottles, and test tubes etc included within the box, but we are proud to say that all of these materials can be widely recycled. All printed materials in these products are printed on FSC certified paper, using vegetable based inks.

These new Multi-test kits will be available from your nearest NT Labs Authorised Retailer soon. The Marine Lab Multi-Test Kit will cost £32.99 (rrp), and the Marine Lab Reef Multi-Test kit will be available for £39.99 (rrp).

For more information about the range, click here. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and YouTube for regular updates.


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