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Pondlab - 200 Multi-test

Pondlab 200 Small

The PondLab 200 Multi-Test comprises over 200 tests of the 6 key parameters to test in your pond. These being Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, GH and KH.

Successful fish keeping lies in the maintenance of good water quality. The pH, Ammonia and Nitrite levels in a pond should be checked regularly, usually weekly in a new pond and fortnightly in an established, mature pond, although more regular testing may be required in some circumstances. Poor water chemistry will cause stress to your fish  which in turn decreases their immunity making them more susceptible to pathogenic infections and poor health.

See the back of the box for pictorial instructions on how to use the test kit. Colour coded stickers are provided to label both the test tubes and their lids to eliminate contamination and remove the risk of false readings.


  •  Q: Why do I run out of 1 reagent before the other(s)? A: We fill our test kit reagent bottles to a minimum amount before they are put through a vigorous QC regime. This means that the vast majority of bottles will in fact be overfilled by varying amounts meaning that the reagents may well run out at different rates but you should be able to carry out at least the number of tests stated on the packaging.
  • Q: My Ammonia 2 reagent has turned blue, is it still okay to use? A: Our Ammonia 2 reagent can take on a blue colour with time, but it does not affect he performace or results of the test. As long as the test kit is still within date, you can be confident in the reliability of the results it produces.

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