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Pond - Sinking Pond Food

Pond - Sinking Fish Food Contents
Pond - Sinking 300g Fish Food
Pond - Sinking Food Sample

Sinking Pond Food is a fast-sinking pellet that has been formulated to satisfy the unique dietary requirements of fish species which prefer to feed at lower levels of the water column, such as tench and sturgeon. Other species of fish in your pond will enjoy eating these pellets too. Sinking Pond Food contains Stimmune, along with other high-quality ingredients, to help support the immunity of your fish. To ensure the maximum amount of Sinking Pond Food reaches the bottom of the pond, feed at the surface with Multi-Season Pond Food, Summer Pond Food or Winter Pond Food during the appropriate seasons.

This complete food for pond fish can be fed all year round for sturgeon.

Feed twice daily in the summer months, a quantity likely to be consumed within 10 minutes. Feed once every other day during the cooler months.

Do not feed if fish are dormant in very cold weather below 8°C.

Do not overfeed and remove any uneaten food.

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Fish meal, soya protein, fish oil, palm oil, yeast-derived product (Stimune).

Analytical Constituents

Protein 45%, Fat Content 18%, Crude Fibre 1.4%, Inorganic Matter 9.3%


Vitamins per kg: A 12000 IU, C 300 mg, D3 1300 IU, E 240 mg.

EEC permitted preservatives and antioxidants.

Available in the following variations:

2mm sinking pellet - 300g

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