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Pond - Multi-Season Pond Food

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Multi-Season Pond Food

Multi-Season Pond Food is a mid-protein feed, providing a complete diet for all pond fish, including goldfish, shubunkins and orfe. This food can be fed from March through to October. Made using the highest-quality ingredients, Multi-Season Pond Food is easily digested and metabolised by your fish, resulting in less waste, whilst the inlcusion of Spirulina enhances the colours of your fish throughout the year.

Feed twice daily in the warmer months, a quantity likely to be consumed within 10 minutes. Feed once every other day during the cooler months.

Do not feed if fish are dormant in very cold weather below 8°C.

Do not overfeed and remove any uneaten food.

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Wheat, soya, maize, maize gluten, fish meal, wheat gluten, lucerne protein, fish oil, spirulina.


Protein 32%, Fat Content 3%, Crude Fibre 3.1%, Inorganic Matter 4.6%.


Vitamins per kg: A 10000 IU, C 150 milligrams., D3 1300 IU, E 200 milligrams. EEC permitted colorants and antioxidants. EEC permitted preservatives and antioxidants.

Available in the following variations:

3mm floating pellet - 190g & 375g

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