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Koi Care - Propolis Wound Seal

Propolis open
Propolis in action
Finrot, tailrot, mouthrot, ulcers, sores

Tropical Treatment for Fish

Treats: Ulcers, Open Wounds, Damaged Fins and Hikui.

  • A natural product derived from bees.
  • Commonly known as “nature’s antibiotic” due to its antimicrobial properties.
  • Creates a waterproof barrier to seal wounds.

When to Use:

  • Use to seal ulcers, damaged fins, open wounds and Hikui, preferably after cleaning these areas with Koi Care Ulcer Swab antiseptic wound cleaner.
  • Upon contact with water, propolis becomes insoluble, forming a waxy seal to help prevent pathogens or debris entering an open wound.


  • Remove your fish from the pond. Optionally, sedate fish with Koi Care Koi Calm before treating.
  • Carefully clean the area with Koi Care Ulcer Swab, then dry the wound thoroughly.
  • Spread Propolis evenly onto the wound and slowly lower the fish back into the water. As the Propolis makes contact with the water, a waxy seal will form.


  • Use near the gills and eyes.
  • Leave fish unattended during treatment.

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Active Ingredients: Bee propolis 25% w/v 

Available in the following variations:


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