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Koi Care - Koi Calm

Koi calm

Fish Sedative -  Makes Fish Easier to Handle

When to use:

  • Use Koi Calm to make it easier to handle sick or injured fish in order to apply topical treatment.


  • Have everything ready to carry out the procedure on the fish.
  • Add the correct dose to the body of water you intend to sedate fish in and mix. Then slowly and gently add the fish.
  • Once sedated, lay the fish on a soft, wet surface (e.g. a wet towel).
  • Return the fish to clean, aerated pond water in order to come round from the sedation.


  • Do not leave fish unattended in the Koi Calm bath.
  • Do not rush or panic

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Active Ingredients: Rectified Oil of Cloves

Available in the following variations:


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