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Marine - Anti-Phos


Liquid Phosphate Remover

Rapid Removal of Phosphate from Marine Aquariums

Why? Even low levels of phosphate can cause problems in marine aquariums, such as algal growth and loss of available calcium. This is particularly problematic in reef aquariums, as coral growth can be negatively affected by the lack of calcium and light caused by algal blooms. 

What? Anti-Phos contains lanthanum, which binds to phosphate to form a solid which is then removed by the filter. This helps clear the water and keeps your aquarium free from unwanted algae. It does not affect the biological filter or the pH of the water.

When? Use every time you conduct a partial water change or detect a high phosphate level.

Follow the dosage instructions on the bottle label.

Test your water using Marine Lab Test Kits.



Available in the following variations:

100 ml

Where to Buy?

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