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Transporting koi in a safe manner is obviously extremely important. When showing koi, you want them to look their very best and be in with a chance of scooping top honours, as well as returning safely back to their home environment. Koi Waterbarn General Manager and NT Labs Ambassador, Keith Holmes, has identified some key areas that should be considered and adopted.

  • Stop feeding fish 1 to 2 weeks before showing them.
  • Gradually reduce water temperature to the temperature of the show vats.
  • A gradual reduction of 1-2 degrees over the course of 10 days is recommended to acclimatise the fish.
  • The more the environment mirrors that of the show the better.
  • This will help promote activity within the show vat.
  • When transporting fish ensure they are double bagged with an appropriate oxygen level.
  • Make sure the transporting box is strong, durable and securely taped up.
  • Ensure you have oxygen on hand should the bag need topping up on route.
  • On returning from a show, perform a skin scrape 2 to 3 days afterwards to check for any problems or infections.
  • Should you find an infection, consult your local koi dealer for advice on the best Koi Care medication to use.

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