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Six line wrasse

Pseudocheilinus hexataenia

If you’re looking for a fish with a big personality to go with similarly bold tank mates in your marine aquarium, look no further than the six-line wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia). Since entering the aquarium trade, this fish has developed a bit of a bad reputation as being overly aggressive. However, if kept with other semi-aggressive/territorial species and no small, peaceful fish you shouldn’t have a problem. These pinky-blue and green fish have (you guessed it!) six lines running across their bodies and grow to around 10cm (4 inches). These fish can be quite secretive, particularly after they have just been added to an aquarium, but will become bolder and more territorial as they become settled. For this reason, it’s a good idea to add them last to your aquarium so they don’t bully any new arrivals immediately. Feeding largely on small crustaceans, this species is safe to add to your reef aquarium provided it contains no prized invertebrates (small nibbles such shrimps and crabs). However, with proper care, maintenance and diligence, this species can make a delightful addition to your aquarium.

Image credit: Wikipedia

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