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Danio margaritatus

This week’s Fish of the Week was only discovered recently, and shot to fame for its small, convenient size and bright colours. Danio margaritatus, or more commonly the celestial pearl danio or galaxy rasbora, was found in 2006 by a private hobbyist in Myanmar, east of Inle Lake. The location of this fish-find was meant to remain a secret, as it was feared that commercial exploitation for the aquatic industry would devastate these natural populations. However, luckily for us, these fish breed rapidly and wild populations persist to this day despite their location becoming widespread knowledge. They also breed readily in captivity, leading to almost all specimens for retail originating from captive sources. Their small size (around 1.5cm) and small space requirements (being relatively inactive) make these fish perfect for smaller aquariums and are popular choices for “nano” tanks. Initially, this species was thought to be a member of the rasbora family, but has since been found to be more closely related to danios and were reclassified as such. They are a shoaling species and are best kept in large groups (10 or more) with other small species. Their natural habitat is dense with vegetation, so if you’re looking to replicate this put them in a heavily planted aquarium and feed them an omnivorous diet with a variety of frozen foods. I hear they are rather partial to a brine shrimp or two!

(Image courtesy of: TropicalFiskKeeping.com)

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