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Ulcer Swab


Ulcer Swab New

Clean & Disinfects Open Wounds or Damaged Skin

When to Use:

  • Open wounds and ulcers can easily become infected with bacteria or fungus. Ulcer swab cleans and disinfects wounds and sores. The cleaned wound can then be sealed with Koi Care Propolis Wound Seal to create a long-lasting waterproof barrier.


  • Make sure you are prepared and have everything ready when handling fish. Prior to and immediately after application keep the fish you intend to treat in an aerated container/koi bowl so that you can clearly and easily observe the area you need to work on and once completed return the fish to this container until you are able to ascertain it is fit enough to be returned back to the pond. Ulcer Swab is best used in conjunction with Koi Calm to sedate the fish and Propolis Wound Seal to seal the wound once it has been cleaned with Ulcer Swab.
  • Protect your fish during application by laying the fish on a soft wet surface (folded wet towel) to prevent the fish from damaging itself during the procedure.


  • Panic or rush.

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