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Pond Salt Plus

When to use?
Pond Salt Plus has many uses including helping to keep your fish healthy and assisting in their recovery from disease.

  • As a general tonic to help improve colour, support the immune system, stimulate appetite and supply essential physiological trace elements.
  • As a “Liquid Bandage” to help fish with wounds and ulcers recover from treatment.
  • To protect fish from harmful nitrite if the biological filter is not working properly.
  • To help protect fish from stress.
  • As a dip to perk up poorly fish.

Pond Salt Plus does not break down in the water but will need to be replaced when water changes are carried out.

How to use?
Measure the volume of water used at each water change and add the dose appropriate to that volume.

General Tonic: A low level of salt in the pond will help your fish to remain healthy and resist disease.
1 g/litre (1kg salt to 1000 litres)
1 oz/6 gal (1lb salt to 100gal)

Wounds & Ulcers: If a fish has ulcers or open wounds, salt will help reduce the osmotic stress caused by the damage.
3g/litre (1kg salt to 333 litres)
1oz/2gal (1lb salt to 32gal)

Anti-nitrite: High nitrite levels can be toxic to fish. Salt will make nitrite safe until the filter is working properly again.
Use the General Tonic dose.

Anti-stress: Salt will help keep fish calm during transport or when work is being done on the pond
3g/litre (1kg salt to 333 litres)
1oz/2gal(1lb salt to 32gal)

Tonic Dip: This is a strong, short dip which will clean the skin thoroughly. Transfer the fish to fresh water as soon as the time is up.
28g/litre for 2-3 minutes.
4 1⁄2 oz/gal for 2-3 minutes.

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