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Pond - Blanketweed Balance

Blanketweed balance 800g
Stringy hair-like algae clinging to edge


When to use:
Administer when the pond starts to show signs of blanketweed growth. The natural ingredients will re-mineralise and re-balance the water quality.  Completely safe for fish, plants and biological filtration systems.  A cloud will form in the water column which will clear after a few hours, this is perfectly normal and safe.


  • Ensure your pond is well aerated and test your water quality with a PondLab test kit before administering the dose.
  • Mix the required dose in a clean bucket/watering can of pond water and pour evenly around the pond and on watercourses/falls.
  • One week after dosing Blanketweed Balance we recommend the use of NT Labs Sludge Remover (Sludgeclear) to aid the digestion of organic material in the pond.

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Where to Buy?

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