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Algae Stopperz

Algae Stopperz

Pesticide-free natural algae control, no mess, no trouble, no blanketweed or algae.

  • Simply sprinkle around the edge of the pond margins where Algae-Stopperz will sink and start working (in around 2 weeks) to create the ideal conditions for fish and plants alike.
  • Alternatively, place in a pond planting basket or net and leave on margin/ledge or in waterfall where water can flow through.
  • Works in either natural or filtered ponds.
  • Repeat every 2 months with full amount for your pond until control is effective, then add 1/3 of dose monthly.
  • Safe to add regularly - cannot overdose.
  • For complete blanket weed control ensure Algae-Stopperz are added throughout autumn and winter to ensure activity from the outset of spring.
  • Alternatively, clean out strong growing blanket weed in summer and allow activity of Algae-Stopperz to start preventing re-growth.
  • Inhibits duckweed in ponds with water flow.
  • Free from pesticides.


Available in the following variations:

2.5 Litre

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