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Pro-f - Stingray Pellets

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Pro-f Stingray pellets

- Protein Rich - Highly Palatable - Low Waste -

Pro-f Stingray Pellets have been formulated to meet the specific requirements of these unique species. Stingray Pellets are a high energy feed for these predatory fish with a balanced vitamin and mineral profile. This diet is easily digested by stingrays without the risk of transferring pathogens associated with feeding live foods. The extremely palatable ingredients ensure a confident feeding response and minimal waste.



Fish meal, wheat, poultry meal, soya, fish oil, blood meal, hemoglobin powder, wheat gluten, rape oil.


Protein 43%, Fibre 1.8%, Ash 6.4%, Fat 17%.


Vitamins per kg: A 10,000 IU, D3 815 IU, E 200 mg, C (stable) 150 mg.

Available in the following variations:

175g, 500g.

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