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Pro-f - Reef Snow

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Pro-f Reef Snow

- Micro Particle - Triggers Feeding - Easily Assimilated -

Pro-f Reef Snow is a micro particle feed which has been developed to provide a water-borne nutrient source to filter feeding coral, clams and tube worms. Produced using a variety of different natural ingredients including marine sourced proteins and essential amino acids to ensure optimum growth. Pro-f Reef Snow formulation promotes a vigorous feeding response from fish and corals alike. The 200 micrometre (0.2mm) particle size ensures easy capture and assimilation by a variety of SPS and LPS filter feeding corals.



Yeast, fish solubles, fish meal, wheat, maize, starch, pepper, lecithin, fish oil.


Protein 45%, Fibre 2.3%, Ash 8%, Oil 10%.


Vitamins per kg: A 14,000 IU, D3 1,799 IU, E 280 mg, C 320 mg, minerals.

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