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Pro-f - Predator Floating

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Pro-f Predator floating

- Floating Pellet - High Protein - Colour Enhancing -

Pro-f Predator Floating pellet has been developed to meet the dietary requirements of larger predatory cichlids such as oscars, severums, arowanas and other surface feeding carnivorous tropical fish. This high protein diet is rich in quality fish meal meeting the nutritional needs of these warm water predators ensuring strong growth rates. Contains a balanced vitamin and mineral makeup with the inclusion of "Stimune" to help fish stay healthy. The addition of colour enhancement ingredients will help your fish develop to their true beautiful potential in your aquarium.



Wheat, poultry meal, fish meal, soya protein concentrate, fish oil, wheat gluten, rape oil.


Protein 42%, Fibre 1.2%, Ash 7.2%, Fat 13%.


Vitamins per kg: A 10,000 IU, D3 1,482 IU, E 200 mg, C (stable) 150 mg.

Available in the following variations:

125g, 360g.

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