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Aquarium - Liquid CO2 Boost

Liquid co2 boost
PFK award

Suitable for coldwater & tropical aquariums, a source of carbon for plants to thrive allowing them to outcompete and actively combat algae.

All plants need carbon to grow. Aquatic plants obtain their carbon through CO2 dissolved in water. Liquid CO2 Boost gives aquatic plants a source of dissolved carbon without the need for expensive equipment such as CO2 gas injection systems.

For best results: Use in conjunction with Plant Boost

Winner of the Water Treatments category in the PFK Manufactures Poll 2019.

Always test your water using Aquarium Lab test kits.


  •  Q: Will carbon remove Aquarium Liquid CO2 Boost or Plant Boost? A: Activated carbon is very effective at removing carbon-containing compounds from the water. Unfortunately, both our CO2 Boost and Plant Boost have such compounds and are likely removed by activated carbon, reducing their plant growth boosting properties. The best way to use activated carbon in a planted aquarium is on an "as and when" basis to remove water discolouration or odours.

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  • FishCove Aquatics from Wimborne, Dorset

    We have been using both the CO2 and plant boost pump bottles now for a year and have seen our plants flourish and grow using your liquids in our 30 litre nano. Simple to use and a product that works. It's easy to understand as we only use two pumps of each daily, this makes dosing an aquarium easy and simple for all aquarium plant keepers using a small aquarium. I would highly recommend both these products and as a result both are one of top sellers in FishCove Aquatics.