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pH 6-7.6 Test


ph 6-7.6
pH 6 - 7.6

What is pH?

pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the water in your aquarium. The pH scale runs from 1 to 14. Very acid water is pH 1 and very alkaline water is pH 14. Neutral water that is neither acid nor alkaline is pH 7.

Why test for pH?

Different species of aquarium fish require different pH levels. Fluctuations outside these preferred values can cause stress to the fish. If the water becomes too acid or alkaline the fish soon die. It is important to regularly test the pH, as pH can occasionally rise in new ponds, and older aquariums tend to acidify over time. Also regularly check the pH in a heavily planted aquarium Ideally In the morning and evening and especially when using a CO2 dosing system as the natural daily process of plants can affect the pH of your aquarium water by day and night.

What do I do if the level is wrong?

If you do need to adjust the pH of your aquarium, it is vital to do this slowly so as not to shock the fish. Change no more than 0.5 pH units per 2 days. Providing your tap water is of suitable pH substantial water changes can correct a dangerous pH level. It is also important to check the KH of your aquarium water. For fish which live in soft, acid water use bog wood to gently lower the pH and soften the water.

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