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Swimbladder Treatment (Aquarium) #12

From £5.49
  • Gets to Work Inside the Fish
  • Aids Buoyancy
  • Harmless to Filter Bacteria
  • Single Dose treatment

Fish use their swimbladder for buoyancy and stability when it becomes infected with Aeromonas or Pseudomonas bacteria species it can cause stress which may result in death.

Swimbladder Treatment prevents bacterial build up and gets to work to eradicate these disease causing bacteria.

This treatment uses a combination of acridine dyes as active ingredientsof therapy which creates a strong vivid fluorescent colour in the water during treatment - if treating a single fish you can isolate to a hospital tank or bowl if preferred to viewing in a brightly lit display aquarium under lights which will increase colour effect. The Colour is the active ingredient and so all the while it is there the fish is under treatment.

Once fish is recovered water changes can be conducted to reduce colour in water and use of Colour and Toxin remover - filter Carbon will remove final traces of taints and colour in aquarium

If worried about colouring gravels - test first at diluted rate - some materials may absorb colours

Single Dose Treatment you may repeat treatment after 7-10 days as necessary , Isolation in a shallow hospital tank will often help with those fish unable to control buoyancy that may have trouble regulating the depth they swim at and prevent harrasment by other fishes.


Available in 100ml


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Rachel from Ireland

My oranda goldfish was off form for days staying at the bottom or the top and his scales had just started sticking out by the time a got this medicine. I placed him in a separate container. he was stuck on his side gasping at the top when i went to bed sure he would be dead in the morning but he was zipping around full of life the next day. Great product. would use again

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Product Tips & Advice

This treatment uses active ingredients that colour the water - fluorescent yellow , this shows the fishes are under therapy, top up colour as it fades to top up therapy , otherwise refer to learning zone area

http://www.ntlabs.co.uk/learning-zone/41/Medicinal+Treatment+:+Rules for general rules in treating fishes.


If treating a single fish for dropsy - you may isolate the fish and treat in a hospital aquarium , container or breeding trap if you do not wish to have the whole aquarium treated witha  dye.

Active ingredients will not harm aquarium or ornaments

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