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Ocean Food 55

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Ocean Food 55 is Reef Safe fish food, specifically formulated for captive marine fish species. Ocean Food 55 encourages a healthy metabolism, colour enhancement, reduces stress and maximises digestion through the highest quality ingredients and optimal feed size. A slow sinking granular food to promote rapid uptake for a variety of species throughout the water column. Scientifically balanced to include all the essential nutrients required including high quality protein, fatty acids DHA and EPA, natural carotenoid pigments, vitamins and minerals. Ocean Food 55 provides the best biological nutrition to minimise waste pollution in your marine system.

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Ingredients: Fish Meal, Whjeat, Fish Oil, Yeast, Vitamins A, D3, E, C(stailised), EEC Permitted  Antioxidants and preservatives

Protein 55% Oil 12%, Fibre 0.3% , Ash 11%

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Jon from Rochester

Amazing food product, every fish in my tank eats this food! From Bicoloured angels to leopard wrasses, they all go mad for it.

Tom from Lewes

Very Impressed, my Morish Idol takes this food without any hestitaion and is thriving on it. Thanks NT

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