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FMG Mixture

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  • Ready Mixed Formalin & Malachite
  • Powerful Single Shot Dose
  • Easy to Use

Anti-Parasite and Fungus Mixture of Malachite Green and Formalin formulated for treating sick Koi with a parasite or fungus infection. FMG provides the same treatment levels as the two individual components used separately. A ready mixed Koi treatment eliminating the need to mix separate treatments, the treatment levels are higher than other proprietary mixtures which means this product should not be used when sensitive fish such as Golden Orfe or Sturgeon are present. FMG can be used where Goldfish are present. 

The market leading Koi anti-parasite and fungus treatment for Koi. There is nothing else on the market as effective as FMG to fight unwanted parasites...A Koi keepers secret weapon!
Note: The warnings on the label and handle the product with care. 250 ml treats 9000 litres (2000 gallons)


Can be used in Ponds with low level salt ( 1 to 1.5 oz / gallon salt ) with no detrimental side effects

FAQ : Why does the bottle say not to use below 10 degreec C ?

This is not because it is dangerous to do so , rather, that it may be un economical as the action of adding treatment is against the re-infective stages of some life cycle parasites such as daughter cells of White Spot Ich , at low temperatures the Cysts( white spots ) do not drop off and release daughter cells and therefore you will not be treating the emergent phases . Once the temperature increases in Spring this will happen and then you should be ready for treating the whole pond as recommended.

The moral of the story is always check your fish before autumn and winter so you can treat and again in spring after they have passed through cold temperature slow metabolism and stress


see Learning Zone : Medicinal Treatment Rules


Available in the following variations:



1 litre

2.5 Litre

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Sarah Bourne from West Midlands

A much easier way of treating my parasite problem, opposed to mixing Malachite and Formaldehyde together, and it's taken care of the problem, Koi are healthy again!

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