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Barley Straw - Twin Pouch

From £6.49
  • Natural
  • Removes Algae and Blanketweed
  • Harmless to Pets & Wildlife

Barley Straw Pouches are natural and effective against green water algae. Harmless to pets, wildlife and ponds. Barley Straw Pouches can take up to 28 days to start working and thereafter a new pouch added every 6 months will maintain effective control, limiting the future growth of Algae. 2 Pouches treat 7274 litres (1600 gallons)

Occassional bringing it to the surface causes the percolation of the breakdown active ingredients to be washed off and into the general pond - it also helps to add air into the pouch and stop the inside becoming anaerobic . active ingredient needs light so washing through  helps get the peroxidase active ingredient into the pond water

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Alan Spencer from York

Took a while to start working but for a natural product designed to clear algae - it has done the trick, just need to be patient with it. Good long term treatment.

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Product Tips & Advice

Wring it out like a tea bag monthly for best effect Anchor just below water surface

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