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Bacterad - Anti-Ulcer, Fin-Rot & Flukes

From £8.99
  • Single Dose Treatment
  • Controls bacteria which casues Ulcers, Fin-rot & Flukes
  • Easy to use
  • Wildlife friendly & all fish safe!

Single dose pond water control of skin/gill flukes and bacteria that cause tail/fin-rot, ulcers and general sluggish behaviour of fish. 250 ml treats 4546 litres (1000 gallons)

Repeat single dose if necessary for full recovery after 7-10 days only

Can be used in Ponds with low level salt ( 1 to 1.5 oz / gallon salt ) with no detrimental side effects

See Learning Zone : Pond Medicinal Treatment Rules

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1 litre

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Use as a boost at the start of the season

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