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BDS Fluke Treatment

From £14.49
  • Strong and Effective
  • Treats Fin-rot, Tail rot & Ulcers
  • Single Dose Treatment

B-D-S is a tried and tested formulation which treats both skin and gill flukes as well as bacterial problems such as fin-rot, tail-rot and fish ulcers. The correct dose of NT Labs Koi Care B-D-S fluke treatment will treat bacterial fish diseases and does not affect the filter bacteria or plants. Koi Care B-D-S persists in the water long enough to destroy the various stages of parasite which may otherwise remain to re-infect the fish.
Observe the warnings on the label and handle the product with care. 250 ml treats 9000 litres (2000 gallons)

Can be used in Ponds with low level salt ( 1 to 1.5 oz / gallon salt ) with no detrimental side effects

See Learning Zone : Medicinal Treatment Rules


This product was discontinued in March 2014 - stock may still be available in our stockists.



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Turn UV off whilst treating Confirm diagnosis with a skin scrape

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