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Ideal for helping to prevent green pond water and a great pond algae treatment. NT Labs Pond Aquaclear controls algae, algae bloom and blanketweed by filtering out light. It restricts algae growth using a UV screening, faint blue dye. Aquaclear was voted the Gardening Which? 2007 Best Buy Winner for Algae Control. For best results we recommend using in conjunction with Magiclear - however both will work independently. 250 ml treats 14000 litres (3132 gallons)

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Tony from Reading

Used this after dosing my pond with Magiclear to take away some of the suspended particles and this has kept my Pond free from Algae for 2 months, very impressed.

Roy from warwickshire

Used this product as per instructions. I kid you not.. The water has turned blue and my Fish have all turned Blue too. Waiting to see if this stuff kills them. Thanks a lot NT Labs NT Answer: The Product description does state the action of preventing algae in pond is by UV sunlight screening using a hint of blue in the water and this should be maintained in the heat of summer ( which at the moment February 2014 The Flooded Winter ...it is not ) We have never heard or seen an incident where fish changed colour through the use of this product You called up and discussed the fact with tech support although not certain if you had dosed for litres or gallons ...that it was non toxic + will not harm you or pets or amphibians should you wish to continue a dialogue we have sent you a questionaire to understand more of your pond and its background ... but we do not appreciate the throw bricks approach while we are trying to help attitude !

John Bates from East Kent

Have used this product for some years now and found it to be very effective (unlike many competitor products claiming to do the same). Unfortunately I used my last bottle up last year but wrote the details down somewhere - and yes lost those! After scouring a number of aquatic centres I just couldn't find the product (but thought it was bluer than what I found). Luckily just remembered that manufacturer was near Maidstone; quick Google search and have found what I have been looking for - first job tomorrow is to find somewhere which actually has it on their shelves - usual place I used to get it from is no longer! And no, never found any fish had turned blue either! Will stain hands and rocks, etc if splashed which does eventually wash off.

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Add before the algae starts to grow earlier in the season

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