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Anti White Spot & Fungus (Aquarium) #8

From £5.49
  • 7 Day Course of Treatment
  • Harmless to Filter & Plants
  • Safe for ALL Fish

White-Spot is a parasite; the adults live on the fish and appear as tiny white spots similar to grains of salt. The adult detaches from the host fish and then releases hundreds of cysts which burst resulting in free swimming juveniles looking for a host fish to infest. Anti-White Spot & Fungus is a 7 day course of treatment which will eradicate White-Spot, other protozoal parasites & fungal growths.


Dosage Instructions Follow instructions Given on your bottle: 

The Dosage Calculator below indicates the TOTAL amount required to undertake a full course of treatment across 7 days ( treating on day 1 , 3 , 5 and 7 with equal amounts 4 actual additions ) thus a single addition or dose will be the total from the Dosage Calculator divided by 4  as a single day dose

The dosage calculator amount for this product tells you the full amount you will need to conduct a full course of treatment and should not be administered in one go and is to save you having to shop again to complete treatment


Available in 100ml


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Tom from Dorset shaftesbury

This treatment is great hardly affects water quality and doesn't even kill shrimps (accident) but they were fine! White Spot totally eradicated ...

Pedro from Madrid

Cures white spot easily an does not kill my snails or shrimps (caridina japónica). ^_^

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