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Anti Fluke & Wormer (Aquarium) #11

From £5.49
  • Easy to Use
  • Ready Mixed Liquid Formula
  • Harmless to Filter Bacteria
  • Requires aeration when used
  • Follow Dosage instructions on Bottle

Fish are susceptible to internal worms especially Discus species. An obvious sign is when fish become very thin but still continue to feed.


New Mk 2 Anti-Fluke & Wormer is an easy to use, ready mixed liquid formula Flubendazole effective for treating intestinal worms, skin and gill fluke infestations.

PLEASE NOTE When filling the pipette the 1ml mark is at the base of the bulb - please see diagram.

see Learning Zone : Medicinal Treatment Rules

Dosage on bottle label 10 ml treats 500 l


Please Note

A Product Recall : applied to some original mark 1 product ( no orange dot on pack stating mk2 ) :specific lot numbers 11441 and 14441 were subject to recall in early 2011 - if you have been sold this specific batch of product you may return via your local shop where purchased or direct with us

New product available by return


New formula Mk 2 20 ml bottle  will treat a 500 l aquarium x 2 times (treats this volume 500 litres twice over)

Always follow bottle label instructions for dosage

Fish are susceptible to internal worms especially Discus species. An obvious sign is when fish become very thin but still continue to feed.


Now Available in 20 ml

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Pedro from Spain

Saved an almost dead Ancistrus. Extremely skinny, big whithe faeces. It tryed to eat, but when touched food, left the pellet. It has the reflex to eat but wasn't able. After using other brads anti worms, seller recommended me this one. I used 0.3ml for 14L tank. (7-8 drops approx). He adviced me to ignore the 7 days delay between treatments and repeat it each 4 days. Worked like a charm, started to eat since the beginning. I have used other NTLabs treatments (anti whithe spot & fungus, etc) and i'm very very pleased. Good priced, well explained usage and dosing, no side effects... Congratulations!. :)

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Product Tips & Advice

CAUTION: This medicine will kill water snails and invertebrates.


new Mk 2 : New improved Formula : product launch 15th March 2012

20 ml + Pipette treats 2 x 500 litres  ie  will treat a 500 litre tank twice over

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