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Medikoi Health

Medikoi Health food is the ideal way to support the immune system of your Koi through the food’s unique ingredients: including lemon peel, olive leaf, Artemesia and Propolis amongst others, which are great at speeding up recovery time. Another vital ingredient is Stimune, this helps the fish’s natural immune system to fight infection. Medikoi Health contains a unique natural herbal formula developed in our laboratories which helps to maintain resistance to disease and a wide variety of infections. 

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Soya, Wheat, Fish Meal, maize, Fish Oil, Herbs , Propolis.


Protein 33%, Oil 3.1%, Herbs 750mg/kg, Propolis 1500 mg/kg, Stimune 1000 mg/kg.


Vitamins / Kg : A 26250 Iu, C 350 mg , D 3000 IU , E 233 mg , Stimune 1000mg Herbs 750 mg, Propolis 1500mg , EEC Permitted Preservatives and anti-oxidants.

Available in the following variations:

3mm Pellet - 750g, 5kg & 10kg.

6mm Pellet - 1.75kg, 3kg, 5kg & 10kg.

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  • Stanley from Swindon

    Just as described, very good quality & very little waste

  • Phil from UK

    I have recently used your medikoi health food for my koi pond of that's about 13 years old. My reason for starting to use it was the sudden loss of 3 mature koi all of which where over 10 years old & ulcers appearing on 5 more. I havenow sorted out the problem with a course of treatment , upgraded filtering & the use of Medikoi Health , Which really does seem to help the koi recover, all are very much returning to full health! My reason for contacting you is to ask the question " It seems alot of dealers offer medikoi health & medikoi colour as a twin pack, and i have read that you should feed 3 weeks of health followed by 2 weeks of colour, is it safe to assume that there is no problem in feeding health for a longer period of time/undefintley,esp' untill the ulcers are fully healed? I have given the koi a small amount of yamato koi food that they are usually feed on aswell. Thanks for your advice in advance! Phil. P.s. Great food, i am convinced that it has played a large part in their recovery .Saving my wife's favorite koi , after lossing two of my faves!:( Response: You can feed Medikoi Health all the time but it's effect on the immune system will gradually become less. We recommend a break every few weeks, feeding Medikoi Staple or another food for a couple of weeks. Then, when you feed Medikoi Health again the immune system will get a stronger boost.

  • Mark from Shropshire

    I have used many of the medikoi range for more years than i care to remember and starting out made one or two bad calls (dont we all ) but have never lost fish to poor health or disease now working in the koi keeping trade and still with ntlabs products behind me can recommend and trust any of the above range